Welcome to the FONDATION SUEZ application space

Before submitting your application, we invite you to carefully (re)read our selection criteria to ensure your eligibility.

Applications for project support and funding can be submitted at any time, but we work according to the following schedule:

  • A call for projects launched on May 5TH and closing on October 30TH of the year,
    for presentation to the Board of Directors in April/May of the following year
  • A call for projects launched on November 5TH, closing on April 30TH of the following year, for presentation to the Board of Directors in October/November.


This space aims to optimize the submission process by guiding you in the description of your project through a series of pre-formatted "forms", step by step.
Read your project carefully before submitting it. Once the submission is validated online, it will no longer be possible to modify the information.

You can save your project submission at any time, in order to complete it, amend it, modify it as much as necessary, before submitting it; all the information you provide is then accessible only by you.
Once the submission is validated, the evaluation and selection procedure of your project is launched: a confirmation e-mail for your registration will be sent to you automatically, including a summary of the information entered as well as an identification number for your project.

At each stage / each screen of your application, details and online help are available to help you describe your project;


Applications are submitted to a three-step selection process:

  1. Pre-selection
    The Foundation's team studies the applications in light of a set of technical, financial, geographical, operational, duration and governance criteria.
  2. Evaluation
    The selected applications are transferred to 3 or 4 expert employees to evaluate the projects, within the framework of volunteer skills, in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the projects (see above).
  3. The decision
    The pre-selected projects are submitted to the SUEZ Foundation's decision-making bodies for final approval, which vote on the allocation of a project, both financially and in terms of skills. A partnership agreement is then signed and a referent is appointed from among the people who evaluated the project. He or she participates in monitoring the project with the Foundation's team (reports, meetings, evaluation missions, etc.).

NB: Neither the submission of a funding application to the SUEZ Foundation, nor any discussions with the SUEZ Foundation team, can be taken as a guarantee of the decision of the Foundation's authorities, which are sovereign in their decision.



 The SUEZ Foundation supports concrete actions in favor of

  • access to essential services (water, sanitation and waste) for underprivileged populations in emerging and developing countries where SUEZ operates
  • social integration of vulnerable people, through employment and training, in France;
  • social cohesion through  education, culture and sports in France for young people in vulnerable areas ;
  • emergency aid in emerging and developing countries and in France.

It bases its action on a set of principles:

  • The active involvement of the populations concerned, which is the first step towards their autonomy,
  • The reinforcement of knowledge and skills, through awareness and training of all stakeholders: populations and local actors,
  • The sustainability of projects,
  • Support for innovation,
  • Co-commitment with partners, in a relationship based on mutual respect, listening and co-construction.


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